My Big Fat Summer Holiday Itinerary

I had a basic idea of what I wanted to do.  And yes, it did involve visiting and exploring countries I had never been to before.  I booked my initial flight to Fort Lauderdale and my 19 day South American tour, but didn’t book anything else until the week before the summer holiday started.  You might be thinking that I was a bit disorganized in leaving all the bookings until the last possible minute.  And in some respect you may be right.  However, travel is not cheap even if you secure great deals.  It all adds up.  Sometimes you just have to wait for the funds to come in before booking the rest of the holiday.

So here it is! My big fat summer holiday itinerary.  As I am writing this, I am at the beginning of this itinerary.  Whether it’s too hectic and will be my demise remains to be seen.

21 June

Take airport bus from Gjøvik to Oslo Gardemoen Airport.  Spend night at airport hotel because the airport bus times have become so sucky of late, that even though my flight is 11am on the 22nd, the earliest bus would not have me arrive in time to check in for my flight.  An unnecessary expense.  I hate Nettbus.

22 June

Fly to Fort Lauderdale via Stockholm with Norwegian Air. Check in to Tara Suites 5 minutes walk from Fort Lauderdale Beach.  After my last visit to Fort Lauderdale when I stayed in the middle of nowhere far from everything, I was prepared to pay a little extra not to make that same mistake again.

24 June

Check out of Tara Suites and check into the Residence Inn Mariott in Plantation, Fort Lauderdale.  This is because it is near to the IRS office in Plantation and I have an 8.30am appointment the next day.

25 June

8.30am Tax office appointment.  Check out of the Residence Inn.  Fly with Jet Blue to Havana Cuba.  Get visa from Jet Blue.  Check in to Casa Alfaro in Havana Cuba.

1 July

Check out from Casa Alfaro. Fly to San Jose Costa Rica via Panama City with Copa Air.  Check into Fleur de Lys in San Jose.

2 July

Check out of Fleur de Lys. Take a shuttle bus to Monteverde.  Check into Cabanas El Pueblo B&B.

3 July

Explore the rainforest at Monteverde.

4 July

Check out of Cabanas El Pueblo.  Take bus to Manuel Antonio.  Check in to Natural Pacific Suites in Quepos.

8 July

Check out of Natural Pacific Suites and take a bus to San Jose.  Check in to Fleur de Lys.

9 July

Check out of Fleur de Lys.  Fly to Lima, Peru with Latam Airlines.  Check in to Beds and Rooms near the Airport.

11 July

Check out from Beds and Rooms and fly to La Paz Bolivia with Latam Airlines.  Check in to Hotel Madrid.

12 July

Check out from Hotel Madrid.  Meet up with tour group from Tucan Tours at Hotel Sagarnaga. Check in.

13 July

Fly from La Paz to Uyuni Bolivia.  Stay Tonito Hotel.

14 July

4WD Salar de Uyuni.  Stay in a hostel.

15 July

4WD to Laguna Colorada. Stay in a hostel.

16 July

4WD to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.  Stay at Hotel Don Raul.

17 July

4WD to Valley of the Moon.  Stay at Hotel Don Raul.

18 July

Fly to Santiago Chile.  Stay at Hotel Libertador.

19 July

Explore Santiago. Stay at Hotel Libertador.

20 July

Explore Valparaiso. Stay at Hotel Libertador.

21 July

Fly to Mendoza. Stay at Urbana Suites.

22 July

Explore Mendoza vineyards and wine tasting. Stay at Urbana Suites.

23 July

Fly to Buenos Aires.  Stay at Hotel TWO.

24 July

Explore Buenos Aires.  Stay at Hotel TWO.

25 July

Explore Buenos Aires. Stay at Hotel TWO.

26 July

Fly to Iguazu Falls. Stay at Hotel Taroba Express.

27 July

Drive to Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls. Stay at Hotel Taroba Express.

28 July

Fly to Rio de Janeiro.  Stay at Hotel Regina.

29 July

Explore Rio. End of tour.

30 July

And here is where things get a little fuzzy.  I booked a flight from Rio to Sao Paulo.  The wrong destination! I’m going to try and change it to Curalita, the correct destination.  At this stage I can’t do it as I don’t have WIFI in Cuba.  Hopefully I can change it and visit my friend for a few days.

And then of course I have to end up again in Sao Paulo to start the great trip home to Norway.  Fuzziness adds to the adventure, don’t you think?

3 August

Fly from Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires. Check in to Holiday Inn Ezeiza Airport. Ethiopian Air.

4 August

Check out of the Holiday Inn, fly to London Gatwick. Norwegian Air.

5 August

Fly from London Gatwick to Gardemoen Oslo. Norwegian Air. Check into P-Hotel in Oslo.

See PINK live in concert in Oslo.

6 August

Check out from P-hotel. Take train to Gjøvik.  Go straight to a staff meeting at work.

Phew! And that’s the itinerary for my big fat summer holiday.  I might need a holiday to recover!

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